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Current Ventures

STEMology Club

I established STEMology Club in 2019 as a way to share my love of STEM and advocate for STEM through after-school programs for K-6, speaking at events, collaborating with educators, partnering with educational organizations such as Nepris and Arizona SciTech Institute, and consulting work with clients such as Khan World School @ ASU Prep.

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Leading ASU Prep STEM Strategy

ASU Prep Academy is an innovative public school network, serving 7,000+ students in a variety of models, from immersive in-person learning to full-time virtual programs.

I am thrilled to lead ASU Prep's STEM and Semiconductor & Microelectronic (SME) strategy across all it learning models! Check out my introduction and vision!

Rachna Introduction (April 2023).jpg

Khan World School @ ASU Prep

Sal Khan of Khan Academy and ASU Prep (K-12) have teamed up to create Khan World School @ ASU Prep for a world-class full-time, mastery-based honors online high school for students anywhere in the world! I am excited to be working with the team on their international strategy, gifted strategy, and to be an integral team member in the pilot year and year two expansion plans! Students in this pilot year are in 9th grade and had the good fortune of having one of the Seminars run by Sal Khan himself and likely many more in the future!

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Arizona STEM Acceleration Project @ ASU

Arizona STEM Acceleration Project (ASAP) is a new initiative transforming how Arizona’s K-12 educators deliver high-quality, hands-on STEM activities to our state’s future leaders. We are teaming up with educators, professional development organizations, and funding partners to build a more collaborative, more imaginative foundation for the development and distribution of STEM resources and training opportunities for educators throughout Arizona. I am excited to be a doctoral researcher on this $10M grant focused on accelerating our STEM initiatives in Arizona! 


Learning Futures Collaborative AI in Education @ ASU

As part of ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, the Learning Futures Collaboratives (LFC) which kicked off in 2022, aims to bring together faculty, doctoral students, and researchers to engage in collaborative, creative, and semi-hypothetical research conversations. Of the first five LFCs, I am honored to be collaborating with the brilliant minds at ASU's Teachers College and the Polytechnic School of Engineering on the "futures of artificial intelligence in education and diversity, equity, and inclusion."

future of ai in ed.png

Designing Your Future Dream Career Refugee Project @ ASU

I am excited to work with an award-winning team in designing a summer mini-course on career exploration for students in the refugee community in Arizona as part of the "STEM and Social Capital" program that was recently recognized with the ASU President's Award.

Dream Career Flyer.png

Educational Research at ASU

I am excited to be back at ASU in 2021 as a Doctoral student! After a Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science from ASU's Fulton School of Engineering, I am pursuing a doctorate in education focusing on elementary and middle school teachers' STEM identity, self-efficacy for STEM curriculum design, and implementation. I believe in a constructivist paradigm and the theoretical frameworks that currently guide my research and intervention are (1) Self-Efficacy, (2) Cognitive/Collaborative Apprenticeship, (3) Situated Learning, (4) Project-Based Learning, and (5) Communities of Practice. 


Marshall Plan for Teachers

Marshall Plan for Teachers is a national movement to create dialogue and critical action around teacher retention, salaries, positions, resources, support and to recognize the tremendous burden society places on teachers. Stay tuned for more information in Fall 2022!

marshall plan for teachers 2.png

Kids Love Science

My KIDgineer, Laya Mohandas, believes that scientists, like herself, come in all sizes and can be inspired to do great things big or small! We are in the process of creating a platform for scientists of all sizes to engage, share their learning and experiments, and create a community of curious thinkers!

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Kathak Indian Classical Dance

When I am not studying, teaching STEM, or Mom-ing, I am dancing! I began training in the classical Indian dance form, Kathak, as an adult and have been practicing, performing, and teaching for the last 15 years. I joined Kalaa Kendra in 2017 as an instructor and director for marketing.

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Past Ventures

Blu Lantana Event Planning

Blu Lantana was an event planning and management company focused on mid-scale dance productions. It was my first company co-founded with Shubhada in 2009 while working also working at Intel! Our signature event was a production on Kathak, Tap, and Flamenco in Arizona.

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