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Hi, I am Rachna! I am an Artist, an Engineer, a Teacher, a Tinkerer, a Researcher, a Dreamer... a Lifelong Learner. I am curious about the multiverse, love to play with tech toys, and constantly think about how kids today will shape the future of AI. My kids are my inspiration!

My Mission: To nurture every child’s natural curiosity to understand the world around them and discover their “Inner STEMologist”! With a special focus on underserved and underrepresented communities in STEM fields and learning.

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My Story

Rachna Mathur is an educator and a computer engineer with over 20 years of combined experience in teaching children and adults coding, AI, robotics, other STEM subjects, dance, and art. She is a computer engineer, classical Indian dance teacher, STEMpreneur, and educational researcher who is currently a Doctoral Candidate at ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College (#11 in the US for Education) focusing her research on elementary-age STEM education. Rachna's diverse experiences and expertise in art, education, and engineering are often interconnected and reinforce critical thinking, critical inquiry, and problem-solving skills through diverse perspectives. Learn about Rachna's current EDventures

Prior to the world of education, Rachna spent 10+ years at Intel working on challenging projects as a Software Engineer/Architect and in Software Product Marketing. Her first job as an ASU first-year student was teaching coding, sometimes to a room of 100 students! She has served as Director at ID Tech's summer STEM camps, Academy & Marketing Director at prominent Indian dance schools in Austin and Phoenix where she lead and grew company operations, managed instructor staffs, implemented their software platforms, and most importantly, taught whenever needed!  

Rachna founded STEMology Club in 2019 to address a gap in her daughter's early elementary grades where no after-school or in-school integrative STEM programs existed. In addition to after-school classes and camps, Rachna focuses on educational research, professional development, and STEM advocacy through public speaking. 


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